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Denise Jordan-Gonzalez
MS Candidate, Counseling Trainee

Denise is a Master’s-level Counseling Candidate at Benedictine University, and is beginning her direct hours work with Authentic Growth Wellness Group (AGWG) this coming August 2024. Denise has a deep passion and expertise focused on working alongside children and adolescents (3 years old–12/13 years old), as well as their caregivers, to assist them to better understand their feelings during all the growing years.
Denise is already highly-skilled at providing a safe, empathic, and welcoming environment that guides children into understanding their emotions and discovering healthy coping skills that are comfortable for each child. Having been a teacher for several years in a local school district, being a mother of two, and already accomplishing extensive education and training in child development and education, Denise is eager and skilled at working with children (3 years old and up!) and their parents.
When working with a child client, Denise’s support and guidance will be extended to parents/caregivers to assist children in reaching their individualized goals, and goals of the family system. Parent support and parent-engagement is also a focus of her work supporting children individually and holistically/collectively. Being bi-cultural has shown Denise that there can be many different views, beliefs, and paths to attain these goals. In her culturally inclusive counseling space, she endeavors to work together to validate each child’s thoughts and feelings to bring them to a place where they can manage them in a healthy way. Denise is bilingual in English and Spanish.


✔ Melanie holds a MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.
✔Melanie is a board-certified counselor, and is licensed in the state of Illinois as a LPC.
✔ Melanie affirms an integrated approach of mind and body cultivates healing
✔ centering on a holistic approach allows individuals the optimal chance to rebalance their well-being.

You’ve taken the first courageous step to reach out for support, and Melanie would love to partner with you on your healing journey and assist in moving you into your empowered authentic self, allowing you to embody your full potential.