“Authentic Growth Wellness Group exists to guide our clients safely and effectively to and through emotional healing and personal growth by focusing on fostering alignment and inner peace.”

Authentic Growth Wellness

I’m Emily Pagone
Founder + Clinical Director


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Here at Authentic Growth Wellness Group, we strive to provide personalized, compassionate, evidenced-based approaches to counseling and therapy that ensures you have a safe, nonjudgmental, shame-crushing, and calm space to help you authentically grow in alignment with yourself and your goals .


Emily Pagone - Founder

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Our Counseling + Wellness Team

our goal is to foster self-awareness, alleviate distress, and promote positive change.

Personal & Individual Therapy Sessions

Explore and address personal challenges, emotions, and behaviors.

Express, understanding, navigating emotions and experiences.

A collaborative family environment opening communication and understanding.

Participants to gain knowledge, develop skills, and engage in interactive learning.

Katie Butusov

Staff Therapist/Counselor - Hinsdale
Co-Director of Internship Training Program

Emily Koch

Staff Therapist/Counselor - Hinsdale


Staff Therapist/Counselor - Hinsdale

Julia S, Photo 1

Staff Clinical Therapist/ Counselor - Glen Ellyn/Telehealth


Staff Therapist/Counselor - Hinsdale

Melanie, Photo 1

Staff Therapist/Counselor - Glen Ellyn

Amanda, Photo 1

Master’s-Level Counseling Intern - Hinsdale

Bree 2023 Preferred Pic

MSW Clinical Therapy Intern - Hinsdale/Glen Ellyn


Current Master's Program Candidate


Staff Therapist/Counselor - Glen Ellyn

Janet Hecht, LPC, PEL

Staff Therapist/Counselor - Glen Ellyn


Staff Clinical Therapist/Counselor - Hinsdale

arielle kalvelage

Staff Clinical Therapist/Counselor - Glen Ellyn


Staff Therapist/Social Worker


Our Story

Our founder, Emily Pagone, has been working professionally in the field as a professional counselor, clinical professional counselor ...


Support Groups

Support Groups are meeting in-person at: 211 W. Chicago Ave., Suite #119/Group Space, Hinsdale, IL, 60521.


Office Locations

Glen Ellyn, IL
Hinsdale, IL

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