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Our founder, Emily Pagone, has been working professionally in the field as a professional counselor, clinical professional counselor, and college professor for 7 years (10 total years), and has accumulated and cultivated a vision for emotional healing.

From a therapist’s view of working with families, children, teens, young adults, parents, and others of varying ages from different walks of life, while compiling the clinical research necessary to ensure evidenced -based practice, it is clear - in general- that any struggling human needs emotionally safe/healthy, consistent, respectful, compassionate, empathic, and understanding others to hold space for them - this is the template from which emotional healing and increasing one’s well-being improves and grows.

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Authentic Growth Wellness

Emily also knows this from a client’s perspective, too. Because, yes, it is critical for every mental health professional to engage in their own journey, too. Emily gets it. Through the endeavor of emotional/psychological-healing, one will re-learn, un-learn, and come to the realization we do need safe-others to help support us, and we cannot do it alone; if we do, that’s where “staying stuck” is prolonged. This is why reaching out to a mental health professional, or to anyone for that matter, can be agonizingly difficult. But, here at Authentic Growth Wellness Group, we get it; and, therefore, due to that we possess a deep empathy and enriched understanding from which we can professionally, ethically, and effectively support our clients initiate and engage in a trajectory of healing from which they will courageously grow.

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We are here to help you authentically grow in alignment with yourself and your goals. We are accepting new clients to begin counseling immediately with Nicole, Emily K., Liz, Julia, + Melanie as well as our advanced Master’s-level intern Bree!


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Authentic Growth Wellness

Opal + Stan

Client Emotional Support Companions

Opal + Stan’s Mom is our Staff Therapist/Counselor, Katie Butusov, MS, NCC, LPC.

Either Opal or Stan might join Katie’s client’s sessions once she understands there is no risk for allergies and the client would like to experience their therapeutic peaceful presence they provide. Both Opal + Stan are snuggly, loving, precious companions that put everyone at immediate ease, inspiring inner peace, upon first snuggle.

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Emily Pagone - Founder