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Play Therapy For Kids: A Variety Of Techniques

Dealing with the emotional and mental challenges of childhood requires caring support and specialized care. When it comes to a child’s health and development, we at Authentic Growth Wellness Group know how important customized play therapy can be. Our dedicated team offers a range of play therapy techniques, including child-centered play therapy, directive play therapy, and cognitive-behavioral play therapy, each designed to meet the individual needs of your child. 


Our approach ensures that every child is seen, heard, and supported through their unique journey. Discover the transformative power of play therapy and how it can benefit your child by visiting, Authentic Growth Wellness Group. Ready to start? Schedule an appointment with us or call (630) 796-0884 for a more direct connection to our support.

Understanding Play Therapy

At AGWG, led by Emily Pagone and featuring skilled therapist Katie Butusov, we emphasize the transformative power of play therapy in child development and mental health. This approach uses play, a natural form of expression for children, to facilitate communication, emotional healing, and problem-solving skills. Through play, children can express thoughts and emotions they might not yet have the words for, making it an essential tool in addressing psychological and emotional challenges.


Play therapy benefits for children in Hinsdale and Glen Ellyn, IL are extensive. It offers a non-threatening environment where children can explore feelings, manage anxiety, and improve social skills. By engaging in play, children learn to navigate their internal world and develop coping mechanisms that serve them throughout life. Our therapists, including Katie Butusov, use play therapy to observe and interact with children in a way that is both meaningful and healing, tailoring approaches to meet the individual needs of each child.


In our practice, play therapy is more than just play. It’s a strategic and compassionate approach to therapy that builds on the natural way children learn about themselves and their relationships. Whether through child-centered play therapy, where the child leads the session, or more structured therapeutic interventions, we aim to empower children to overcome emotional hurdles and thrive.

Types Of Play Therapy Offered In Hinsdale

Understanding the unique needs of each child, our practice offers a diverse array of play therapy modalities. These therapeutic approaches are designed to provide personalized experiences that facilitate healing and growth through play. Here’s an expanded look at the specific types of play therapy available:

Child-Centered Play Therapy (CCPT)

In child-centered play therapy (CCPT), the child leads the session, using play as a natural medium to express themselves. This non-directive approach values the child’s ability to find solutions to their problems within a supportive environment. The therapist’s role is to reflect on the child’s feelings and behaviors, providing acknowledgment and validation. CCPT is particularly effective in creating a safe space for children to explore emotions, resolve conflicts, and build self-esteem, fostering a deep sense of security and understanding.

Directive Play Therapy

Directive play therapy, by contrast, involves a more structured approach, with the therapist guiding the play to address specific emotional or behavioral issues. Through carefully chosen activities like storytelling, art, and role-playing, children are encouraged to confront their difficulties in a controlled, therapeutic setting. This method is useful for children who may benefit from more direct guidance or for targeting particular problems with focused interventions.

Cognitive-Behavioral Play Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral play therapy integrates cognitive-behavioral strategies within a playful framework, helping children understand the link between their thoughts, emotions, and actions. Activities in this modality are designed to teach children to recognize detrimental thought patterns and develop more adaptive coping skills. Effective for a range of emotional challenges, cognitive-behavioral play therapy equips children with practical tools to manage their thoughts and feelings in a positive way.

Children painting in the interactive sand box , sand animation
Play Therapy In Chicago

Implementing Child Therapy Techniques

Using a blend of child therapy techniques, therapists adapt their strategies to meet the developmental and emotional requirements of each child. Combining different approaches ensures a holistic treatment plan, supporting children in their emotional and psychological development. The aim is to empower children to navigate their emotions, foster a positive self-image, and cultivate resilience against future adversities.

Our team of skilled therapists is dedicated to aiding children’s journeys toward emotional health and maturity. If you’re considering play therapy for your child and are looking for more information or wish to schedule a session, we encourage reaching out.

Implementing Child Therapy Techniques In Hinsdale

In Hinsdale, therapists employ a wide range of child therapy techniques, each chosen for its potential to foster significant developmental and emotional growth in children. The key to effective therapy lies in customizing these approaches to fit the unique needs of each child. This individualized strategy ensures that therapy resonates more deeply with the child, enhancing its effectiveness.


Therapists start by building a rapport with the child, creating a safe and welcoming environment where the child feels seen and heard. Techniques such as child-centered play therapy and cognitive-behavioral play strategies are selected based on the child’s specific issues, personality, and preferences. For instance, a child struggling with anxiety may benefit from cognitive-behavioral play therapy, where they can learn to identify and challenge their anxious thoughts through play.


The importance of tailoring therapy cannot be overstated. It acknowledges the child as an individual, with unique experiences and ways of expressing themselves. This personalized approach not only makes therapy more engaging for the child but also more directly addresses the root causes of their distress, facilitating more meaningful and lasting changes.

The Impact Of Therapeutic Play In Hinsdale

The impact of therapeutic play in Hinsdale has been profound, with numerous success stories and positive outcomes. Parents often share testimonials of the remarkable transformations they’ve observed in their children, highlighting the powerful role that therapeutic play has played in their healing process. These stories range from children overcoming social anxiety and developing stronger interpersonal skills to significant improvements in managing emotions and behaviors.


Therapists also share insights into the transformation they witness in their young clients. Through therapeutic play, children learn to express themselves more freely, gain confidence, and develop coping strategies that serve them well beyond the therapy sessions. For example, a child who once struggled to articulate their feelings may begin to open up and communicate more effectively, both within the therapy setting and at home or school.


These transformations underscore the value of therapeutic play and the skilled, compassionate approach of therapists in Hinsdale. By leveraging the natural language of play, therapists can reach children in ways that traditional talk therapy cannot, fostering growth and healing in a manner that feels natural and engaging to the child.

Discover Play Therapy With Authentic Growth Wellness Group To Empower Your Kids Future

As we reflect on the powerful transformations witnessed through play therapy at Authentic Growth Wellness Group, we’re reminded of the resilience and potential within each child. The stories of growth and healing underscore the effectiveness of our tailored approaches, from child-centered play therapy to cognitive-behavioral techniques. These therapies offer more than just support; they provide a foundation for lifelong emotional health and well-being. 

If your child or a child you know could benefit from play therapy, or if you’re seeking more information about our services, we invite you to reach out. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together. For support, to join our therapy groups, or to access mental health resources, visit our contact page or call us at (630) 796-0884. Together, we can pave the way for a brighter, more empowered future for your child.