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Bree Wysocki, BS, MBA, MSW Candidate

Bree is our MSW Clinical Therapy Intern
Bree Wysocki is a Masters-level social work intern, currently in her last year of her Masters of Science in Social Work in Military + Veteran Personnel and Leadership Administration at Aurora University. Bree has a Bachelor of Science in Business from Indiana University Bloomington and an MBA in Human Resources from the Keller Graduate of Management.
Bree has worked in Human Resources for over 12 years and has a wide range of experience working with many different individuals. She has also worked in social services at RS Eden in Minneapolis, MN with therapeutic rec.


Bree is our MSW Clinical Therapy Intern

✔ B.S Marketing, International Business + Spanish, Indiana University Bloomington..
✔ MBA in Human Resource Management, Keller Graduate School of Management.
✔ Current MSW Student, Military + Veteran, Leadership Administration, Aurora University.
✔ RS Eden, Intern..

Founder of Beautifully EmpowHERed - an organization focused on female empowerment and awareness-raising of mental health support and solidarity.


More About Bree Wysocki

Bree believes that seeking help can be a lot but a huge step in the right direction! She is here to provide a safe space that you can feel seen and heard. She will bring a lot of love, energy and compassion to create a collaborative space where you can be yourself in.