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James Dietz
BA, Master’s-Level Trainee

James is a student in the Clinical Psychology Master's program at Benedictine University in Lisle. James also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology also from Benedictine. James hopes to provide a safe and comfortable therapeutic experience. James has worked as a youth basketball coach, offering an experience that has influenced him to pursue a career in the mental health profession. James is a believer that building rapport and fostering genuine connection is an effective way to make individuals feel heard and seen, and he looks forward to providing adolescents, teens, young adults/adults with personalized, client-centered support.


✔ Melanie holds a MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.
✔Melanie is a board-certified counselor, and is licensed in the state of Illinois as a LPC.
✔ Melanie affirms an integrated approach of mind and body cultivates healing
✔ centering on a holistic approach allows individuals the optimal chance to rebalance their well-being.

You’ve taken the first courageous step to reach out for support, and Melanie would love to partner with you on your healing journey and assist in moving you into your empowered authentic self, allowing you to embody your full potential.