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Kirsten Book

As a woman in recovery from an eating disorder , I know what it feels like to struggle. Thankfully, I continue to work to maintain my own recovery daily. I have been inspired by those who have supported me along my journey. I use my own experience to continue to draw empathy, compassion, and humility when working with my patients.
I have the unique opportunity to help improve an individual’s mental health, by not only utilizing medications and psychotherapy, but also by instilling hope, which I believe is just as powerful and effective as what any medication can do.


✔ Bachelor's Degree in Nursing Benedictine University 2011.
✔ Master's in Nursing- Family Practice Nurse Practitioner Governor's State University 2015
✔ Master's in Nursing- Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner University of Cincinnati 2017

" All of your struggles are valid. You are not alone in your suffering. I see you, hear you, and validate you and your experience. I have no doubt it is real. "
- Kirsten Book


More About Kirsten

Kirsten Book is a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner with 11 years of experience treating children, adolescents, and adults struggling with Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Eating disorders, Trauma, and Substance use disorders.


Kirsten designed her concierge practice to focus on holistic and integrative psychiatric care, where the act of listening and being present is the solid foundation of her work. She has the unique opportunity to prescribe medications, provide psychotherapy, empower her patients, and instill hope, which she believes is just as powerful and effective as what any medication can do

Concierge Psychiatric Services allows for longer, more comprehensive appointments, greater accessibility to your provider, more flexibility, immediate availability with no wait lists, and individualized treatment plans. Kirsten also offers evening/weekend availability and in person and virtual appointments. 

She incorporates nutritional and complementary supplements, comprehensive lab testing, genetic testing, and functional medicine testing when appropriate. Elements of mindfulness are also incorporated in treatment. Complementary healing modalities, such as meditation, breath work, reiki, energy healing, and acupuncture are all encouraged to practice outside of sessions.
Kirsten provides initial psychiatric evaluations, psychotherapy with medication management follow up sessions, supportive therapy, and group therapy services for those struggling with ADHD, Binge Eating Disorder, Anorexia, and Bulimia.  She also consistently collaborates with all treatment team providers, in order to help advocate for each patient and provide optimal care.